• Yellow peach puree concentrate

Yellow peach puree concentrate

产品名称 浓缩黄桃浆 执行标准 企业标准
Product name  Yellow peach puree concentrate Execute Standard Enterprise Standard
包装形式&重量 内220L铝箔复合无菌袋/外敞口铁桶
Packaging     220L aluminum foil compound aseptic bag inner/open head steel drum outside
&weight NW: 220KG/DRUM   GW: 235KG/DRUM   
贮存及保质期 18 momthes after production date  (below 20 degree centigrade)
Stock&shelf life



项目 标准
Items  Standard 
内容 色泽 金黄色或黄色
Content  Color and Luster Golden yellow or yellow color
  滋味与气味 具有浓缩黄桃浆应有滋味、气味,无异味
感官指标 Flavor&Aroma Typical yellow peach puree concentrate flavor and aroma, no anomalous smell.
Sensory Property 组织形态 同一包装中浆体均匀细腻
  Organize form The puree uniformity and exquisite in the same package.
  杂质 无肉眼可见外来杂质
  Impurity No extra impurity in naked eye
  糖度%(以折光计计) 30-32
  总酸%(以柠檬酸计) 0.7-2.5
  Acidity(as citric acid)
  PH值 ≤4.2
  PH Value
  不溶性固形物% ≥45
理化指标 (3000r/min,重量比,10°)
Physical &  PULP%(w/w% 3000r/min)
Chemical Property 粘度(20℃,30s,16°) 5-15cm
  铅(以Pb计)mg/kg ≤1.0
  Plumbum (as pb)
  砷(以As计)mg/kg ≤0.2
  Arsenic (as As)  
  铜(以Cu计)mg/kg ≤5
  Cuprum (as Cu)
  细菌总数(cfu/ml) ≤1000
微生物指标 Total Plate Count  
  大肠菌群(MPN/100ml) ≤30
Microbiological  Coliforms
Property 霉菌、酵母菌 ≤20
  Molds and Yeast
  致病菌 不得检出